Here is a list of conferences where I have spoken at:

Talk 1 Fosdem 2021: About Containerizing Spring Boot or Java Applications with Jib Jib is a Java containerizer from Google that lets Java developers build containers using build tools like Maven and Gradle.

Containerizing Java applications is not a trivial task and also there is a learning curve involved as you have to get yourself familiar with tool-specific commands etc.

I can say from personal experience that not all Java developers are container experts.

For example, first, you should have docker installed and then you have to maintain a Dockerfile. Then over a period of time, the image size grows and you start trying things like multi-stage builds to reduce your image size and have only required dependency for your application.

A developer ideally should not be worrying about these things. With Jib, you don't deal with such complexities and you just have to add a plugin to your build tool Maven or Gradle and you are good to go. It takes care of your image building and pushing to the container registry.

Talk 2 GitHub Satelite India: Accelerate inner dev loop while developing Kubernetes applications with Skaffold Containers and Kubernetes have changed the way we package and deploy modern-day cloud-native applications. We can achieve smart scheduling and auto-scale our applications based upon our business needs with little effort, and it has improved operational concerns for the support teams. However, there is not much improvement in the developer experience. Most developers still spend time configuring their local environment instead of focusing on the actual task at hand: the code.

In this talk, we will discuss various options, like Skaffold, that can ease the pain of developing an application with Kubernetes. We'll cover the steps that a developer has to typically follow to build cloud-native applications in the development's inner loop, and explain how to use Skaffold to create a production-ready CI/CD pipeline using GitHub Actions for cloud-native applications.